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Hesam Abedini Workshop on Iranian Traditional Music (In English)

Classical Persian music is of the most complex music among other kind of world music. This music has a massive source of melodies, which are combined and categorized in 12 modal systems. In order to learn classical Persian music, students have to learn and memorize 120 to 220 melodies, which takes about 8 to 12 years; however, not everyone wants to become musicians or instrumentalists. Some just want to get an idea about this music or some want to become educated audience.

This has all been made easier with Prof. Hossein Omoumi’s method, called “Pish-Radif”, which is a successful method to introduce classical Persian music to people with different backgrounds in a short period of time. Hesam Abedini has studied music with prof. Omoumi for more than 5 years and found this teaching method very interesting and easy to understand for everyone while covering all the significant layers of this music.

Pish-Radif can be thought in about 11 classes.Using Prof. Omoumi's theories, Hesam has created 2 hours lecture-performance in which, audience will enjoy listening to Persian music as well as getting to know its concepts and principles by answering question about the roots, creation, performance, and artistic values.

This Lecture-Performance focuses on the importance of Persian culture in classical Persian music. Hence a focus on Persian poetry as one of the significant aspects of Persian. By using the General Theory of Systems, which is a concept that many people are familiar with, Hesam explains the complex structure of Persian music in the most understandable way.

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