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Masoud Behnoud Lecture Series

April 28, 6 PM @ USC MRF 340, 90089-0411
>Discontinuity of History in Iran: History of Iran is a chain of monarchies and regimes which each rises on the ashes of the previous ones. This has led to a routine that each denies all its successors’ achievements, which in turn is the main reason of history discontinuity. The workshop will focus on this phenomena and its effect on accumulation of wealth as well as our current understanding of history.

April 27, 2 PM @ USC TCC 227 (Rosen Family Theater)
>Iranian Media in Exile: Having almost 7 million Iranians (10% of the whole population) living outside Iran, the prominent question becomes more apparent: why don’t we have successful media with enough impacts outside Iran? The workshop will also focus on this question and examines different factors that it might incorporate.

This event was made possible through the generous support of Farhang Foundation.(