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Workshop: Breath & the Writer - with Siavash Shabanpour

PACSA Presents: “Breath and the Writer” Workshop with Siavash Shabanpour

We are excited to invite you to join “Breath and the Writer”: an experimental workshop, which employs breathing and concentration techniques from theater training to help the writer find the moment of inspiration. The workshop also uses all other art forms as a starting point for the writer to use.

The workshop starts with simple stretches and breathing work followed by concentration exercises. At that point participants are exposed to a specific piece of art, like a poem, a song, short movie or a painting, which they are to use as an inspirational diving board. Participants have limited time to write.

There is no restriction in terms of the form or the approach to the writings; the point is to write wherever the inspiration may lead. Pieces vary from poem to short story or just a paragraph. The core point of the workshop is to write, and the approach to writing and not the content. Participants hopefully will be able to take with them a new approach to writing.

After the writing portion of the hour is up, participants take a short break and come back to share what they have and their approach with the group so that it would facilitate a conversation about the process. No prior writing experience is necessary, the only requirement is the ability to write in Farsi and an appetite to learn, experiment and discover new ways.
For those who are interested, 3 sessions will be held next week as stated below:

Time 1: Sunday, September 15th, 3:00 PM
Time 2: Wednesday, September 18th, 6:30 PM
Time 3: Thursday, September 19th, 6:30 PM

Please note that space is limited, we can only have 10 participants in the workshop, and it’s on a first come first serve basis and with RSVP via email ONLY. So if you want to reserve your space, email us at ASAP. Please, also note that you must commit to coming to ALL THREE SESSIONS.

The workshop will be held on USC campus. You will be notified about the exact location and room number via email.