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Literature of migration a talk by Majid Roshangar

PACSA presents: Literature of migration a talk by Majid Roshangar.

Sunday, March 10th , 3:30 pm - USC Taper Hall of Humanities (THH 202)

3501 Trousdale Pky, LA, CA 90089

Today, the United States contains the highest number of Iranians outside of Iran. The Iranian-American community chiefly expanded in the early 1980s and it’s still growing at a fast pace. In this talk we are going to learn about migrant literature by and for this population.
Migrant literature, that is, writings by and to a lesser extent about migrants, is a topic which has commanded growing interest within literary studies in the past few decades. Migrants are defined here as people who have left their homes to settle in countries or cultural communities which are initially strange to them. This strangeness and at some cases anger and resentment towards motherland or the reasons that lead to immigration, sparked multiple work of literature both fictional and factual.

Majid Roshangar, is a publisher, writer, translator and literary critic of Iranian Literature. He started his work as a publisher in Franklin publishing company in Iran, under his management more than 500 books was published in the organization, some of which also reached the fourth and fifth editions. Later, he and three of his friend started Morvarid publishing company. He has lived in the U.S. for many years now and during these years, he has been in charge of publishing journal of Book Review and Cactus.