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Raymond Rahshani: Origins of Modernity

Speaking Engagement and Book Signing by Dr. Rakhshani.

About the book:

Modernity and Even Development are interrelated, interdependent and interconnected. This book (in Persian language) explores the emergence of Modernity, both in the Western world as well as in the Eastern countries primarily due to the evolution of science and technology.
The book is also a comparative study of the common strategic approaches for an Even Development. This book is, as well, a research into the development process similarities and differences of the more recent modern societies of South East Asia. Hence, it addresses the fundamental requirements (pursued) by the more recently developed countries in South East Asia in order to transition to modernity.

About the Author:

Dr. Rakhshani received his PhD in Technology Transfer Management. He has also a Master of Science degree in Industrial & Control Systems Engineering from England, and an Executive MBA degree from the University of Southern California.
Dr. Rakhshani has over twenty years of experience with the manufacturing industries in the U.S. and over five years of industrial experience in Europe (England & Germany). His research interests include Strategy Formulation and Planning, Industrial and Manufacturing Infrastructure Planning and Development, New Product and Process Development, Lean Manufacturing for Enterprise Development, and Manufacturing Planning, Execution and Implementation. His recent publications include: Organizational Dynamics Assessment, Lean Manufacturing Assessment, Coaching in Strategy Formulation and Execution, Integrated Product Development Team (IPT) Strategies, Coaching and Training Staff and Employees in new Manufacturing Philosophies and Practices, Safety & Ergonomics Management Program Development, as well as the book "Confoundedness: The Struggles of a Civil Movement,” in Persian language. He also has several books of poetry in Persian language.