PACSA, founded in 2011, seeks to educate, engage, and empower the Iranian-American community & the USC Trojan family through active participation, cultural dialogue, & community building. 

Event Highlights

We aim to introduce Iranian culture and heritage by sponsoring and organizing multiple events on campus each semester; they include concerts, presentations, art exhibitions, theatrical, music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures and workshops. Our hope is to create an atmosphere in which meaningful connections can be made among Iranians, the diaspora community, and other cultures in USC and Los Angeles. Each Event also serves as a social hub for all Persian language speakers from various nationalities,

Latest Activities


The Persian Academic and Cultural Student Association, is a nonprofit, nonreligious, and nonpartisan student-run organization that advances the rights, interests and culture of Iranian students. When you join PACSA, you’re given a voice, in both your education and community, and a chance to be part of a strong network of future professionals. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop the leadership skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

With a large member base and sufficient funding from our sponsors, we have the resources to put together active, purposeful, impactful, even inspirational events. Thus, regardless of where your interests lie, you should have no problem finding a committee of like-minded individuals with whom to make your mark as a contributing member of USC PACSA.